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Preorder Not Never

It's been nearly two years since I published a book.

Many of you my know I lost my sister in December 2022. For a long while I wasn't sure I would be able to write. Too grief stricken to be able to create, I feared I would never publish another book.

But I have finally made it to a place where I feel like I can breath again. It's been a long road but I'm finally excited to announce that my next book Not Never will be releasing on the 10th October 2023.

It is available to preorder on Apple Books, Kindle and Kobo.

I hope you enjoy it!


Ashley Rae is never going to fall in love. She has seen what love does. It’s pain, jealousy, and heartache.


Maddox Larson is trouble with a capital T and lives up to his reputation as the bad boy of her high school.


When he takes an interest in her after a chance meeting between the two, her carefully planned life shifts from its course. There is no stopping him. He is egotistical and persistent, much to her annoyance.


He is nothing she wants and everything she needs.


She is not never going to fall in love.

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