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New Books on Patreon

I've decided to start my new books on Patreon and share them with my readers as I write them. This gives readers a chance to read what I'm working on and help me continue to write. It will also give me an idea of which books to prioritise as readers will develop their favorites.

Smother is a Vampire story I started a while ago and never got to finish. This book will remain free on Patreon.

Not Never is a young adult romance which will be updated every Friday.

I'm still trying to set up regular updates for The Boy Who Hates Me (YA fantasy story) and Primal (werewolf story).

Check out the summary & list of chapters for each book to see which chapters have been posted. On some stories I have included dates of when to expect the new chapters to be posted.

Thank you to all my readers who have already signed up! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support.

Please comment and vote to let me know which one is your favorite.



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