Stealing Series #1

Three brothers. One taught her to love, one taught her the depths of friendship and one taught her the true heartache of loss. Will she risk it all to make the right choice?
Loving Bad
Loving Bad Series #1

The good girls falls for the bad boy. Their pasts haunt them. When they meet, their physical attraction is undeniable. One night is not enough for either of them.
Loving Taylor
Loving Bad Series #4

The only rules I live by are my own. I never offer a girl more than one night. I never sleep with virgins. But when I meet Taylor Price, I will break every rule to have her.

Loving Bad was Taylor's story. This is Sin's.
Surviving Slater
Loving Bad #2

Jordan Ross is not a good girl. Growing up with a dark secret has toughed her up. Slater Graves is a bad boy haunted by a childhood event. Can they survive each other, with their hearts intact?
Breaking Matt
Loving Bad Series #3

When Sarah Reynolds first meets Matthew Weiss, their attraction sparks to life. Falling in love isn't part of the plan but neither are the lies and betrayal that will tear them apart.
Craving Connor
Loving Bad Series #5

When Shannon and Connor first meet, it's under false pretences. Their craving for each other will bring to light their demands, along with repercussions they'll both have to face.
Revealing Mark
Loving Bad Series #6

Mark Bishop is intent on doing the right thing when it concerns his best friend's sister Tracy Weiss. He knows once the line has been crossed there will be no going back.
Haven's Knight
I'm drowning in reality and I've given up hope that a knight in shining armour will rescue me. But maybe a knight with a broken smile will be enough to save me.
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Forever Series #1

Everything changes when Scarlett Hayes moves to a new town. She will learn a secret that will unravel her perfect life and lead her into a world she never knew existed.
Forever Series #2

Keri Edwards was forced to lie and deceive which led to her losing her mate Blake Stevens. When he reappears out of the blue, can she trust his motives?
Forever Series #3

Crystal Adams is hiding a secret that will endanger her mate, Kyle Jensen. To protect him she left his pack but destiny forces her to face him again, this time there is no hiding the truth.
Forever Series #4

From the first time Bay Lawson met Flynn Cruz, she feels an attraction she can't explain. While she wrestles with who he is to her, danger looms on the horizon. In a war, love blurs the lines.
Archaic Series #1

On Ava's first day at school she meets Jared Walker. He is hiding a secret that will change her forever. Meet Ava Delaney. Memorize who she is, because she'll never be the same again.
Archaic Series #2

You know her name. You know her story, You know her secret. Ava Delaney has to learn how to fight and most to survive a war that's older than time.
Archaic Series #3

Ava has survived change and heartbreak. She has to survive one more fight for survival. Twin brothers, one good and one evil, will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.
Archaic Series #4

There is a darkness that lurks inside of me. I've been given a chance to lead a normal life. My name is Mason. My future is undecided.
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