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Victoria James is a screwup with a rap sheet. Nothing is going right in her life, she is moving from town to town trying to carve out some sort of life. She was orphaned and has always been alone. Unable to connect with the people around her she has struggled through life. Her fiery temper has got her into trouble more times than she cares to count.


Maverick Monroe is the most powerful Alpha. He has been groomed his whole life for it. He knows who he is and he knows what is right or wrong. He is ruthless and unforgiving to those who break the law, werewolf or otherwise.


Not even a beautiful, pick pocketing rogue is going to get away with committing a crime in his territory. 


When their paths cross, it’s hate at first sight. And it’s downhill from there.


Maverick will learn that not everything is as it seems. Victoria will learn that there are some things she can’t out run.

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