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New Book! Stealing Stars

Once I decided to finish up the Loving Bad series I was free to start a new book. As nervous as I was to start something different I really enjoyed writing my new book Stealing Stars. It is written slightly different from my other books but I'm hoping my readers will still enjoy it.

My cover designer has also done an amazing job on the cover. I really struggled to find the right look but when I saw the cover below I just knew it was the right one.

Stealing Stars is available to preorder and will release on the 17th of July 2020.


Jessica Benson has learned the right choices are often the hardest ones to make. It takes a marriage proposal to know she has made the wrong one.

But before she can look to her future she’ll need to confront her past.

Three brothers. One taught her to love, one taught her the depths of friendship and one taught her the true heartache of loss.

Jessica has a secret that will tear them all apart.Will she risk it all, even the brother who owns her heart, to do what she knows is right?

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