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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

In a previous blog post I made the decision to end the Loving Bad series with Craving Connor but when I decided to start writing again I kept being pulled back to one character readers got to know and love in Haven's Knight and Breaking Matt. Mark Bishop.

I felt I owed it to him and my readers to write his story.

Revealing Mark will be the 6th book in the Loving Bad series. It releases 14th February 2020.

Please note that this book will have spoilers for Breaking Matt and Haven's Knight.


No one riles up Tracy Weiss like her brother’s best friend, Mark Bishop. It doesn’t help she has brought an unwanted childhood crush for him into adulthood.

Mark Bishop is intent on doing the right thing when it concerns his best friend’s sister, even if at times his own moral code skirts the line of the law.

Secrets will be revealed, control will be broken, but once the line has been crossed there will be no going back.

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