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New Books - Tiers & Patreon

As many of you may know I've started writing new stories on Patreon. I'm currently updating four books on there with updates every Friday.

I did a little revamp of it lately and have split it into two tiers.

The first tier is called the Book Lover Tier. This give readers access to all the chapters updated to the date they join and includes future weekly updates.

I decided to create a second tier called the Dedicated Book Love Tier. This tier was specifically designed for the impatient readers who aren't content with just weekly updates and are dying to know what happens next. This tier includes all the future updates I have written so far and I update these as I write each week. For Smother there are more than 10 future updates available to read. This tier includes the completed book for Not Never. As I finish more books on Patreon they will be available to read in this tier.

Please note there is another tier call the Premium Book Lover but I've discontinued this tier.

Thank you to all the readers who have joined my Patreon. I'm very grateful to have such loyal and dedicated readers.

For those of you who would like to read some sample chapters before you decide to sign up, below is a link to the free chapters for each book.

I hope you enjoy my new stories.

Please message me on Patreon if you have any questions or feedback.

Happy reading!

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