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Free Series for readers!

Updated: Jan 4

In difficult times everyone wants to help or do what they can. Some can do more than others. As much as I would love to help with this current worldwide epidemic I’m not a doctor, a nurse or a paramedic. I feel pretty useless at the moment. Like everyone else I'm staying at home watching over my family and hoping for the best.

For a while I thought about what I could do to help. I’m not going to save a life but maybe I can give an escape to many people who are struggling at the moment.

So I’m making the complete Forever series free on all platforms. Please understand although it might be free straight away on Apple books, Kobo and Nook it takes a while to filter through on Kindle.

It isn’t much but I hope it will give readers an escape for a little while.

Happy reading. Be kind to others and stay safe.

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