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Craving Connor

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

From the start readers have been asking for Connor, Taylor's brother, to have his own story and I agreed. But I had no idea who he would fall for until I wrote Surviving Slater. In Slater's story I found the perfect person to unravel Connor's control.

Like all my stories and characters they develop as I write and I had no idea where is his story was going to take me until I started writing. Like all my characters I felt so much for him and Shannon. Their past experiences made them perfect for each other. But no path to happiness is without some bumps and detours.

Below is the summary for Craving Connor:

Shannon Graves looks at the world with the harsh reality that has touched her life more than once. It only takes one look back at her troubled childhood for her to know life isn’t hearts and roses.

Connor Price is driven and successful. There isn’t space in his life for anything else. His sole existence as revolved around making money and caring for his younger sister.

When they first meet it is under false pretences and lies. Connor is digging into a past Shannon doesn’t want anything to do with.

Their attraction is unexpected and all consuming. Their craving for each other will bring to light their demons and repercussions they will both have to face.

I know readers have been waiting patiently for this book and I finally have a release date for it - 11th of November 2018.

It's available to preorder on iTunes but will only be available to preorder at a later date on Kobo and Kindle.

I'm super excited about this book and I hope readers will enjoy it as much as they have the other books in the Loving Bad series.

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1 Yorum

I’m so glad you finally wrote this one. I’ve been keeping up on wattpad and I know it will be amazing. Nov can’t get here fast enough.

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