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Ch7 Watch

There was only one way to find out why Sin was lying but executing my plan wasn’t going to be easy, especially now that Sin was concerned enough about my safety to want Jeff to keep an eye on me when he wasn’t around.

Since the car following incident Sin hadn’t wanted me to be alone and that made things more difficult but I was determined.

I had to find a way to find out what Sin was hiding from me but the problem was I had no idea how to do that.

Two days later, he had a meeting scheduled. I had no idea if he was lying or not but I couldn’t keep wrestling with every devastating possibility of why he would lie to me. It was driving me crazy and keeping me securely fixed on the emotional rollercoaster. I needed the truth, good or bad. I had to know. I couldn’t continue the way I was, something had to give.

Especially with the life growing inside of me. I had to make the best choice for us with all the information I could gather. There was a part of me that simply couldn’t believe he was lying to me, but there was a part of me that believed he was doing it for my own good. But there was that part of me that simply had to know so I could figure out what I was going to do.

Time wasn’t on my side. I had no idea how long it would before I was showing. It was the new life growing inside me that kept me from ignoring it and pretending everything was fine.

I tried not to work myself up in a state over what he could be hiding. Could there be someone else? Was it possible? My heart couldn’t accept that.

Sin loved me. I couldn’t question that for fear of the door of doubts it would open.

I had to believe it was something else he was protecting me from. It was the only reasonable explanation.

The only thing I knew for sure was that he was lying.

I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but it was hard. It also didn’t help that my emotions were all over the place.

Sin gave me a brief kiss to my cheek. “Jeff is on his way over.”

“Jordan is coming over to visit. Is it really necessary to make Jeff come all this way just for the short time you’ll be away for your meeting?”

There was no way I was going to figure out what he was really doing if Jeff was around.

“I need some girl time. You know. And that’s not so easy with Jeff around.”

I was lying. I absolutely adored the man. He had saved me, and in return he would have my loyalty for a lifetime. But I had to figure out a way to appease Sin while he was gone otherwise I would be no closer to figuring things out.

He studied me for several moments. “You’re not planning on leaving the house?”

I shook my head. Another lie. I hated it but I had to.

“Fine. But if your plans change you call Jeff.” His instruction was clear.

“I will,” I breathed, hating that I had lied straight to his face.

He called Jeff and told him he no longer needed him to come over.

“I’ll be back as soon as I’m done.”

I nodded as he pressed a brief kiss to my mouth. The slight kiss made my heart race.

I was so in love with him, I was in no way prepared for something that would make me question his commitment to me.

I waited for about ten minutes before I got my phone out. It felt underhanded to check his location on my phone but I argued that I needed the truth. I had never done this before and I hated every moment of it.

The only other way would be to confront of him but I feared that he would lie to cover his tracks.

There was nothing logical about my actions, they were purely driven by emotion. Fear that whatever was going on had the ability to derail the life I had envisioned with Sin. I let out a shaky breath, wanting to put a reassuring hand on my stomach but resisting the urge. What if I did it subconsciously when someone was around and they figured out what I was hiding.

I didn’t want to keep the pregnancy from Sin but to be able to figure out what I needed to do next I had to know what he was hiding. He was always upfront with the truth, even if at times it was hard to take.

This person, the deceptive one, wasn’t him and I had to know why. It was more important than anything else.

I felt bone tired and stressed. The unexpected pregnancy was made more stressful with the fear of what I would uncover. But I couldn’t put my head in the sand and pretend it wasn’t happening. I owed it to myself and unborn baby.

This was something I had never imagined I would be doing. Following him to see what he was up to and keeping my unplanned pregnancy a secret while I figure out my next step. None of this was happening the way I thought it would when the time came.

I hated lying to Sin but I reminded myself he had put me in a situation where there hadn’t been much of a choice. It was a necessity.

First I checked my phone to see where he was going. He was headed into a part of town I didn’t frequent but that was the great thing about technology. Not only could I find him easily but it would give me clear directions to get to the location.

I took a shaky breath before I grabbed my bag and headed to my car. Even though I had every right to lie to follow him to find out what he was up to I couldn’t suppress the guilt that came with the decision. This wasn’t me, this didn’t come easy but I couldn’t ignore what was happening.

I got into my car and check Sin’s location. He wasn’t moving. He appeared to be at a motel. My stomach sank. Why would anyone go to a motel for a business meeting? After a few nervous breaths I started the car. I was determined to get to the bottom of this, no matter what I discovered.

On the way to Sin’s destination I tried to stop myself from thinking of why he would be meeting someone at a motel. I tried to keep myself calm and focused on the task at hand.

I parked across street from motel. His car was there. It made it all more real. I hadn’t planned further than this. Fear of being discovered kept me at a distance but I hoped it would be enough to figure out what was going on.

Fear of what I would discovered nearly made me restart the car and leave. But the possibility that I would bring a life into a world with a partner who was lying to me kept me from giving into the rash action.

Feeling emotional I touched my stomach and thought about the baby that was inside of me. I was doing this to protect the both of us. I exhaled slowly, trying to hold my resolve.

I felt like I was in alternate reality as I watched the motel for any sign of Sin. This was the type of thing that happened in movies, not in real life. The truth was what I wanted but I hoped and prayed that it would be something simple, explainable.

For fifteen minutes I watched the door where Sin’s car was parked, seeing no sign of him or anyone else. This wasn’t a great part of town which also made me very aware of my surroundings.

I kept checking my time and then when I looked up I saw Sin. The sight of him stopped my breath. He had stepped out of the room and had turned to talk to someone standing in the door way.

My world stopped on its axis. It was a woman. She was barefoot, dressed casually in a shirt and jeans. While I struggled to make out her features I could make out she had dark brown hair which fell past her shoulders.

They embraced. Jealousy seared my insides. My worst fear had unfolded in my reality.

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