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Ch17 Mack2

I was tired by the time we left Mack’s house.

Sin gave me a side look but I couldn’t muster the energy to appease him. I don’t know if it was the pregnancy or the emotional tight rope I had been walking that had emotional drained me.

Then I remembered my brother. I had to give him some sort of explanation. He would be going crazy wondering what was going on and the last thing I needed was his interference. Calling him from Sin’s place wasn’t an option. I would have to go see him, I couldn’t put it off any longer.

“I need to see Connor,” I said, without looking at Sin.

He was silent for a while and when I looked over to him he nodded. “I’ll drop you off.”

He flickered a look to the rear view mirror before checking his side mirror.

“You aren’t going to come in?” I asked, still aware the car was probably bugged.

He shook his head. “I have something I need to take care of.”

“I…uh...” I was hoping to be able to get answers from him as well.

I didn’t really know what was going on so how could I explain the situation to Connor when I didn’t have the answers myself.

“I’ll meet you at his place as soon as I’m done.”

I studied him. He looked all business and I wanted to touch him to see the emotion when he looked at me. I needed that.

He looked at the rearview mirror again, this time a little longer than before.

I frowned when I realized why. I looked back and there was a black SUV behind us.

Alarmed, I touched Sin’s arm.

Our eyes met. “Where is Connor staying?”

I gave the address not sure if I wanted to leave Sin. Someone was following us, and I didn’t know if it was someone who worked for Mack or someone else.

I mumbled the address, trying not allow the panic to take hold. I released a breath. Staying calm was what the baby needed. Stress wasn’t good for either of us.

I was still trying to work through my nervousness when a SUV pulled in front of us and Sin’s hand shot out across me to hold me back as he slammed on the brakes. The car behind us screeched to a half. A quick look to the side mirror showed the black SUV had blocked us in.

“Sin,” I gasped as men in suits got out of the SUV in front of us.

“It’s the cops. Don’t say a word to them Taylor.”

My mouth fell open. What the hell was going on? Why were cops doing this?

“It’ll all be all right. I promise you,” Sin said as he lowered his hand. “Call Connor.”

“Connor?” Maybe it was the shock but I struggled to take in the instructions he was firing off.

He nodded. “Don’t say anything. Call Connor. I’ll come get you when I’m done.”

One of the men wrenched Sin’s door open and pulled him out. My door opened and a man roughly pulled me from my seat. I stumbled but the guy caught me.

“Don’t be too rough with her,” Sin yelled before they led me to the SUV behind his car.

I was shaking when the man shoved me into the back seat of the car. Twice this had happened in such a short space of time.

I bit my lip to concentrate on the pain and not the fear threatening to overtake me. Still stunned I watched them shoved Sin into the other car.

Don’t say anything. I reminded myself. I kept focussed on what Sin had told me to do. Even in a situation I didn’t fully understand, I trusted him.

My brother was going to have a hernia when he found out about this. He would never let me hear the end of this. I could already hear the lecture in my mind. He was going to have a field day with it.

It would only makes things worse when I told him I had no idea what was going on.

This nightmare had just gotten so much worse.

They drove me to the police station and I ended up alone in what I could only describe as an interrogation room. So far I had been left alone for the last hour. All I wanted to know what was happening with Sin. I hadn’t been able to ask to call my brother.

I had watched enough tv to know they were probably trying to make me sweat it out, increase my fear but I wasn’t going to allow them to play with my already fragile emotions. Criminally, I had done nothing wrong and once Connor found out what had happened he would be here in a heartbeat.

All I had to do was keep my cool.

The moments when I felt like I was going to go into a full blow panic I closed my eyes and saw Sin’s face and then I heard his words. It’ll be all right. I promise.

The door opened and I moved my hands from the table to my lap as I watched a man dressed in a dark suit and suit enter the room, closing the door behind him.

The guy walked over to sit down in the seat across from me.

Only once he was seated did he start talking. “Taylor Price.”

I didn’t respond.

“Can I get you something to drink?” he asked.

I refused to say anything. Instead I shook my head, even though I was thirsty.

“Do you know why you are here?” He was studying me as he spoke.

I shrugged. “Do I get a phone call?”

He leaned back in his chair and surveyed me. I bet he was trying to figure out which angle would get me talking but I wasn’t going to give him what he wanted.

“Either give me a phone call or I want a lawyer.” I held his gaze without wavering.

At this point I would rather face my irate brother than have to deal with anymore of this. Or Mack for that matter.

His easy going expression changed to annoyance as he stood. “You’re going to make this more difficult than it needs to be.”

“Phone call or lawyer. Your choice.” I held my gaze steady, refusing to show how nervous I was.

I ended up getting a phone call. I nervously held the phone as it rang hoping Connor would pick up. He didn’t disappoint.

“Hello,” he greeted after the third ring.

“Connor,” I said, feeling my brave front begin to crack. I swallowed my emotion, trying to stop myself from tearing up.


“Yes, it’s me,” I admitted, reluctantly. Preparing myself for him to yell and scream a bit.

Maybe it was the tone of my voice, but he didn’t react the way I expected.

“Where are you?” There was concern.

I took a deep breath before I told him, not sure he would he wouldn’t lose his cool.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can get there. You don’t say a word until I get there.” His voice stern, like a father would use.

“Thanks,” I mumbled.

How on earth was I going to explain what had happened when I didn’t even understand it myself?

I was more afraid of facing Connor than I was any cop in the police station. I still had no idea where Sin was. What if he was in serious trouble?

Cops didn’t just pick innocent people off the street but I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was bigger than I knew and it had something to do with Mack.

The cop led me back to the interrogation room where I waited nervously for my brother to arrive.

It didn’t take long before the door opened and Connor entered the room.

“Let’s go.”

I stood, unsure if I could simply leave.

When Connor saw my hesitation he took my hand into his. “I have a lawyer talking with the cops right now. They have nothing to hold you.”

Hold me? What the hell?

The bravery I had managed to fake up to that moment vanished and I trembled.

“It’s fine.” Connor assured me. “Let’s just get you back to my place so we a talk.”

I nodded as he led me out of the room and past the cop who had first tried to talk to me.

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