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Ch15 Situation

Sin deepened the kiss with his hand to my neck, angling my mouth to his. He awoke the passion I still felt for him. I had tried to smother it with my heartache.

The next thing I was flat on my on the bed and Sin moved his body over mine as his mouth found mine again. I shut my mind as my senses went into over load. Every touch, more intense than before. His hot mouth sucking on my nipple made me cry out. They were super sensitive.

I ached for him in a way I had never before and I moaned when his mouth dipped to stroke his tongue against my skin down to my naval. The towel fell open. I was naked.

Sin moved to kiss me again. His tongue against mine. Hot, heavy, wanting.

The need to be as close as possible again. Nothing else mattered. Nothing but the two of us mattered.

I groaned when he pressed his hips between my legs and brushed suggestively against my most vulnerable part. I needed him, more than anything.

He kept his full weight off with his one arm as he kissed me. I felt his hand travel down my body, trailing lightly against my sensitive skin, closer to my heated core. I wanted him to touch me, in the way only he could.

I moaned when his hand moved between my thighs and brushed against my folds. Lifting my hips, I left him with no doubt where I wanted his attention.

His mouth moved against mine, our tongues tasting and exploring each other. Like something new but at the same time something familiar. New, old.

His finger slid into me and I sighed against his lips. My breathed hitched when he moved it inside of me while rubbing my most sensitive point.

My body tightened while I held onto him, my hips lifting higher, needing the release only he could give me.

Then it swept through me as I cried out. His mouth smothered the sound as I rode out my climax.

I was still breathing hard when he shoved his sweats off and moved between my legs.

He gave me a long look, like he was asking for permission, without words. I lifted my lips to kiss him and I held onto him as he sank into me. I sighed as he filled me in one hard thrust. My body adjusted to him for a moment before he began to move. I released a groan.

He knew my body. He knew exactly where to touch me, how to kiss me. There was no one who knew me like he did. I blocked all the heartache and betrayal out. I wanted this with him. Just us, not marred by the outside world.

At first he moved slowly and my hips met every thrust of his body joining mine. My hands raked through his hair as he kissed me. Our bodies knew how to move together with the slightest effort.

“Tay,” he moaned as his movements quickened. He was getting closer, I could feel it. His muscles strained. I could feel them flex beneath my hands as I moved them to his back to pull him closer. His mouth covered mine and I held him tight.

I panted as he drove into me like nothing else mattered. I held him as he stiffened and shuddered. My breathing was hard as he slumped over me. Sweat mingled between our bodies.

After we both lay side by side staring up to the ceiling, trying to catch our breath. I didn’t know what to say. There were no words to describe what I was feeling. I loved him but I hated that he had lied to me. It felt like a betrayal, even if it wasn’t as bad as cheating.

Even the fact that someone had been listening in on an intimate moment between us still didn’t dawn on me until then. It was such an intrusive action but I had to trust Sin. I had to trust that he knew best in this situation.

Sin turned to face me and I did the same. He pulled me into his arms and held me. I studied the ink on his skin, in contrast to mine.

In silence we lay, my mind still trying to figure out what the hell was going on but unable to figure anything out.

It was while we lay there I suddenly remembered Connor. The brother who would be so worried about me and I hadn’t been able to get in touch to let him know I was okay.

I moved my mouth close to Sin’s ear, unsure of what was okay to say out loud and what wasn’t.

“Connor,” I whispered. If I didn’t let him know where I was, he would come looking for me and that would blow all of this up.

His eyes met mine and he nodded.

“We can get something from the pharmacy for you.” He spoke out loud.

I nodded. I wasn’t sure what this ploy was but I followed along. He knew what he was doing in a situation where he knew more than I did.

I exhaled steadily trying to keep the anxiousness at bay as Sin drove us to the pharmacy. I was very careful not to say anything in the car for fear it was bugged as well. It was the stuff that happened in moves, not in real life.

I studied Sin as he drove, he kept looking back. Was someone following us? This felt more dangerous than I had first believed.

Sin parked the car outside the pharmacy. We got out and went inside. As soon as we moved deeper inside Sin handed me a phone I didn’t recognize as his.

“Here call Connor. Keep it short,” he instructed, his focus was outside.

I took the phone with shaky hands and dialed my brother’s number. It rang once before he answered.

“Connor,” I said, feeling a moment of overwhelming emotion.

“Taylor,” he breathed. “Where are you?”

“I can’t talk long. I’m with Sin.”

There was a deep pause.

“What happened? Once minute you were out for a walk and then you’re with your cheating ex. Do you know how worried I have been? Do you know what you put me through? How could you be so thoughtless.”

I swallowed, hating that I had worried him for even a second but the events that had played out had been beyond my control. I still didn’t know exactly what was going on.

“I’m sorry Connor.”

“That’s all you can say.” The stress and anger was evident in his voice, making me feel worse.

“I need you to trust me Connor. For once I need you to trust that I’m doing the right thing even if it doesn’t make any sense.” This was when I needed him to show me that he could let me make my own decisions even if he didn’t understand them.

“If you’re in trouble you would let me know. Wouldn’t you?”

I bit my lip. I didn’t want to lie but I couldn’t tell him the truth without him coming into a situation he knew nothing about with the intent on saving him. He had been saving me for most of my life, this time I couldn’t drag him into it. I feared for his welfare. I couldn’t allow anything to happen him, I would never forgive myself.

“Everything is fine Connor. I’ll call you again when I get a chance and when I can tell you more.”

He sighed. A deep and heavy one. I wasn’t sure he was going to agree.

“We need to leave,” Sin said beside me.

I nodded. “I have to go Connor.”

“Promise me. If you’re in trouble you will call me.”

“I will,” I said, even thought I was lying. I argued I was doing it for his own good. And I was doing it to keep him from messing with a situation he could make worse.

Once I had the answers from Sin, then I would be in a better place to make a decision whether to tell him what was going on or keep it secret.

“I got to go.” I ended the call and gave the phone to Sin.

He had bought something and we exited the pharmacy. Back in the car we headed back to the house.

When we got back I was very aware of a dark SUV parked outside the house. We were being followed. It made the whole situation much more real.

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