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An excerpt from Loving Taylor

Updated: Jan 4, 2023


Relax and have fun, I told myself. I wasn't going to let her ruin my night.

I was eating those words a few hours later. I couldn't take my eyes off her no matter how hard I tried. She was dressed in a skirt and a fitted top. She looked hot but that wasn't the reason my attention was glued to her.

She was drunk. The unsteadiness of her feet and the glowing smile on her face was a dead giveaway that she’d had a few drinks already.

Slater was dancing beside her and I wasn't happy about it at all. Once I had a girl I didn't care who had my seconds but this time was different. I saw the way other guys looked her up and down with a hunger I shared.

Damn it! My control was slipping and I didn't know how much longer I could hold on. My anger simmered beneath the surface. My night was getting worse with every minute that passed.

Why couldn't she go off and find someone nice to lose her virginity to? But she was gazing up at my best friend. Slater treated girls the same way I did. I had already decided I wasn't good enough for her and there was no way in hell he was. In some ways he was more messed up than me.

The moment he leaned closer to say something, I broke. Before I even realized what I was doing I was headed toward them. I caught her wrist and she looked at me with surprise. I focused all my anger in a glare at my best friend.

Slater lifted his hands in mock surrender, understanding that I wasn't finished with this girl.

I pulled her off the dance floor, ignoring the curious looks we were attracting. I led her up to my bedroom.

Inside my room, I let go of her as she entered and closed the door behind me, blocking out the world, leaving us alone. I faced her in time to see her wobble slightly as she sat down on the edge of my bed. Any anger that had only moments been directed at Slater was now solely focused on the tipsy girl staring up at me with confusion.

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I love these stories loving bad loving Taylor and craving Connor I would love a story on Connor and Taylor from the beginning to the murder of their parents then toConnor fighting to get Taylor back from her break down


Apr 07, 2018

Loving it💖 can't wait for its release. I wish I would be that lucky winner...

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