Chapter 11 - Part 1

Jessica was awake, but she didn’t want to be. Her head hurt. She groaned as she put her hand to her temple. She vaguely remembered drinking whiskey. That served her right—she hated whiskey. What had possessed her to overindulge in an alcoholic drink she had no affinity for?


The bed shifted beside her and her eyes flew open as she simultaneously put her hands over her mouth to suppress the whimper of surprise. Only when the movement beside her stilled did she slowly allow herself to turn her head to see who was in the bed with her. 




He was sleeping on his stomach with his hand around her waist. His hair lay across his forehead.


Her eyes widened when she tried to think back to what had happened the night before. Most of it was a bit fuzzy, but she persisted.


His leg brushed against hers. She remembered drinking the awful-tasting whiskey and she also remembered watching the home videos.


Had she had a nightmare? That would explain Myles’ presence in her bed. 


She frowned as she looked around the room. Scratch that, she was in his room. Why would she be sleeping in his room?


Then she remembered something else: a kiss. Her eyes shot to Myles, who was still sleeping. She clutched the covers in her hands tightly, then lifted it slightly and confirmed her initial suspicion. She was naked—naked and in bed with Myles. And he was naked too.


Softly she swore under her breath, trying to remember the details of what had led her to make such a monumental mistake. What had she done? Then she heard some noise outside the bedroom door.


“It’s time to get up, little bro!” Karsyn knocked on the door loudly.


She wanted to evaporate into thin air. Myles groaned beside her, moving onto his back as she tried to figure out what to do. There wasn’t an endless list of options; in fact, there were none.


The bedroom door swung open. Karsyn stood in the doorway, and his smile waned as he took in the scene in front of him, looking from her to his brother.


“Jess?” he whispered. He was stunned.


“Jess.” Myles’ voice turned her attention to the man whose bed she was lying naked in. He sat up, rubbing his face.


“You and…and Jess?” Karsyn murmured, still trying to make sense of it.


“Myles?” she whispered, not sure how they had ended up in this mess. She clutched the covers to hide her nakedness as she sat up beside Myles.


Finally, Myles turned his attention to his brother. “Get out.” His voice was calm, but with an undercurrent of steeliness.


“You and Jess?” Karsyn didn’t budge from the doorway. She wished she could disappear.


“I said, get out,” Myles said, rubbing his head, which reminded her of the dull throbbing in her own head. 


Karsyn gave her a look of disgust before leaving the room, slamming the door so hard it vibrated.


“Myles,” she whispered. Her wide eyes searched his.


“I’ll handle him.”


He got out of the bed to pull his jeans on and she averted her eyes to his nakedness. 


“You stay here until I deal with him,” he said when he reached the door.


She nodded, trembling. She leaned back and tried to remember as much as she could. Her fingers touched her bottom lip, where Myles had brushed his thumb. He had kissed her and she had kissed him back. Her toes curled at the memory.


Closing her eyes briefly, she remembered bits and pieces. The kisses they had shared, hot and urgent. Clothes being discarded as they had made their way to his bed.


What had she done? Myles hadn’t instigated this. She remembered leaning forward into him before he kissed her. There had been telltale signs that she had been intent on ignoring. 


And look at the mess she had gotten herself into.


The yelling from the living room pulled her from her thoughts and into action. She slipped from the bed and reached for Myles’ discarded shirt. The shouting got louder. She didn’t hesitate as she left the room, intent on calming the situation down.


“What the fuck?” Karsyn yelled.


“She needed a place to stay.” Myles sounded a lot calmer than his older brother.


“Is this how she’s paying you rent?” his older brother spat at him.


“Stop. I’m warning you.” The situation between the brothers was tense.


“How could you?” Karsyn asked angrily.


She entered the room as Myles raked a hand through his hair while he faced his brother.


“It just…happened.” She bet he was still trying to piece everything together, like she had been trying to do.


“And that makes it okay? Of all the girls you could fuck, why her?” Karsyn swung his glare at her as she came to a stop a couple of feet behind Myles.


“Stop, Karsyn.” Myles stepped between them, shielding her from his brother. “You haven’t been together in nearly two years.”


“That doesn’t matter. You don’t screw your brother’s ex-girlfriend. You know that.”


“Don’t talk about her like that.”


She swallowed. Screw. Fuck. It was then it dawned on her that she had slept with Myles, her best friend. They’d had sex. Her mind was unable to process it.


“Was it good, Jess? Who was the better fuck?” This time his anger was directed at her as his lip curled.


Myles swung at Karsyn and caught him in the jaw with a fist. Karsyn stumbled back before putting his hand to his jaw as he straightened. Myles rubbed his fist.


“Stop it!” she yelled. This was the last thing she wanted. She didn’t want to cause trouble between them. 


“Leave,” Myles commanded to Karsyn. He folded his arms across his chest and gave his brother a challenging look.


“Don’t worry. This is the last place I want to be.” He threw one last glare at her before he stalked out of the house. The front door slammed shut behind him. 


She swayed slightly, not quite believing what had just happened. She didn’t know what to do or say. 


Myles stood for a few moments, staring at the door before he turned to face her. The tension in his face eased. 


“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, feeling self-conscious that she was wearing his shirt. She tugged it down, very aware of how little she wore underneath.


“I’m not.” That was unexpected.


“But Karsyn…” She looked toward the door.


“Karsyn has had the last two years to figure out what you mean to him. His actions speak volumes.” 


She bit her lip as she mulled over his words.


”Last night…happened.” His eyes slid down the length of her and she felt heat spread from her stomach. 


His mouth on hers. Her tugging his shirt off. Her cheeks warmed at the memory. She was out of her depth. Her mind hadn’t even had a chance to process what had happened between them, never mind her trying to figure out how she felt it about it.


“I…” She swallowed. “I never…” The words weren’t coming out right, so she clamped her mouth shut.


He closed the distance between them, and she felt her heart race as he neared. Images of stripping her bare flashed through her mind as her eyes fixed on his lips. She remembered how they had slid across her skin, making her want more. She let out a heavy breath. 


“How much do you remember?” he asked softly. 


She couldn’t look him straight in the eye. Having him near was doing weird things to her body, and her mind was racing with all the erotic memories of their night together. “All of it, I think.”


She remembered him fumbling for a condom. Her cheeks heated. Sleeping with any guy was an intimate experience, but it was more than that with someone who knew her like he did.


She allowed him to take her hand, but she kept her eyes downcast. He lifted her eyes to his with a finger to her chin.


“Say something, Jess.” 


She bit her lip as she tried to find the words, but she was speechless. Thoughts of every inch of his body against hers made it difficult to concentrate on anything else other than the ecstasy he had given her. She was breathless when she finally remembered the shattering orgasm she had experienced with him.


“It’s just…”


She was torn between doing the right thing and wanting to do all the wrong things with him. Coming between the Shaw brothers wasn’t something she wanted to do, but she wasn’t sure she had the strength to resist him.